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About Me

Nikola YanevHey, my name is Nikola, in short Nik and I am 20 years old. I live in Sofia, Bulgaria. I am deeply involved in the entrepreneurship/startup community in Sofia, running Bulgaria’s online magazine for entrepreneurship

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In this blog I am writing on entrepreneurship, personal development, travel and life. I hope you like it.

I am passionate about:

  • Meeting more experienced and advanced people than me
  • Starting business ventures in areas which I am passionate about. Fill out a certain market niche and solve a real problem
  • Writing on entrepreneurship, business and personal growth
  • Travelling, exploring the amazing world we live in, meeting new cultures and people
  • Reading exciting books
  • Self-educating
  • Sports – running, yoga, fitness, golf, swimming
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Some interesting facts about me

  • The first job that I got paid for was a gardener, back in 2008
  • I’ve been a President for a day of Republic of Bulgaria
  • I started my first business at the age of 15
  • I’ve dropped out of university at the age of 19
  • I’ve been a graffiti writer for 3 years (learned a lot about life during this period)
  • It is an honor for me to be featured as one of Bulgaria’s 40 leaders and inspirational people under the age of 40 – “40 to 40” awards

I hope that you will find good read’s on my blog. If you think that we can collaborate somehow together contact me, using any of the channels listed at the left.

Events I spoke at:

“I, Student”

More than 300 high school students attended. A talked about my journey in trying out new things in life and finding my purpose.


Bulgarian: Стандарт

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